I have been telling stories my entire life. Like most kids tall tales were mainly for getting out of trouble! As a teen obsessively watching any and all movies, film became an escape to other lives and places. It was a glimpse into worlds very different from the rural 'new-age' commune that I grew up in.
Then and as now I am inspired by cinematic experiences that transform how we think.
These days we are all saturated with video content and we know a good story stands out because it's authentic and honest. That's not to say it's only factual content that works. The most thrilling stories are pure fantasy. I think it's finding the truth in the writing, performance and direction that makes a story not just good but great.
I am an independent writer, director and editor with a wealth of experience from large and complex shoots all around the world. I direct commercials, content and promos for the best creative agencies and well-known brands including Kinder, Sony, Rachel's Organic, BBC, Mothercare, BRITA, iTV, Peugeot, Galbani, Land Rover, Channel 4, E.ON Energy, Tampax, 3M, Fiat, DHS, Merck, Selfridges, DairyCo, Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Jaguar and Red Bull.
I don’t do this for the awards but occasionally it’s nice to know that other people like what you do. A Silver Medal for Film Craft at the PM Digital Awards , Two Clio Awards, an IPA Award and a Global Award add to a Gold at the Global Awards, Gold at the PM Awards and Silver at the PM Digital Awards for Film Craft.
Before becoming a director, I worked in creative advertising and TV production for several years. I bring this experience and infectious enthusiasm to every day because I love what I do.